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America's entanglement with Israel

The PNACers who pushed for “democratic change” in Egypt

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From the New York Times:

“[Obama] got on the right side of this thing when a lot of the foreign policy establishment was cautioning otherwise,” said Robert Kagan, a Brookings Institution scholar who long before the revolution helped assemble a nonpartisan group of policy experts to press for democratic change in Egypt. “And he got it right. This may strengthen his confidence the next time this kind of thing happens.”

Kagan, who co-founded the Project for a New American Century with William Kristol in 1997, was joined on that “nonpartisan group” by PNAC founding member Elliott Abrams and PNAC deputy director Ellen Bork. Bork is currently “democracy and human rights” director at PNAC’s successor, Foreign Policy Initiative, where Kagan and Kristol are directors. Not surprisingly, Kristol wrote in the Weekly Standard on January 29 that he was “in complete agreement” with his fellow PNACers’ Working Group on Egypt in its demands that the U.S. suspend aid to Mubarak.

Considering how deeply concerned PNAC was about Israel’s security, could Mubarak’s ouster really not be in the Jewish state’s strategic interest, as so many seem to believe? Appearing on ABC’s This Week, Kagan looked positively sanguine about the prospects for a post-Mubarak Egypt. Like George Soros, he seems confident that Israel has “much to gain from the spread of democracy in the Middle East.”

Update I: Arianna Huffington, who praised Kagan for his prescience on ABC’s This Week, was prescient herself in a December 13, 2010 op-ed in Lebanon’s Daily Star titled “Social media will help fuel change in the Middle East.” The “progressive” media entrepreneur, who has enjoyed very profitable business ties to the Israeli arms industry, once dated Mortimer Zuckerman, the pro-Israel media magnate.

Update II: The New York Times article also quotes someone else with a passionate attachment to Israel:

“The stirring events in Egypt and Tunisia should reinforce what has always been a bipartisan ambition because they are vivid reminders of universal democratic aspirations and America’s role in supporting those aspirations,” said Kenneth Wollock [sic], president of the National Democratic Institute, a government-financed group affiliated with the Democratic Party that promotes civil society abroad.

From 1973 to 1980, Wollack served as legislative director of AIPAC. He’s not to be confused with Kenneth Pollack, the former National Security Council member who passed classified information to former AIPAC staffers Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman.

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March 1, 2011 at 5:11 pm

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  1. Seriously, these pompous asses are so full of crap it makes me sick. Spin, spin, spin goes the PNAC machine!


    March 3, 2011 at 1:30 pm

  2. Netanyahu the prime minister of Israel said yesterday that the US was pushing for peace in the ME. He said that the whole wold has been blaming Israel for the unrest in the ME but the recent revolutions proved that the US and the world was wrong. The S** did not mention that the whole turmoil in the Arab Nation has been Israel. The Arabs wanted democracy to elect their leaders to mobilize force and role on Israel. Israel knew the axiom of the past sixty years and that is any normal life for Arabs mens a danger to Israel.. They poured the trillions of dollars looted from the US though the corrupted Rothschilds Banking System in 2008 into this stages circus of revolutions. They used a complicated system through Ontology by combining Cybernetics and Mind control to disrupts Arab younger generation. They got what they wanted, a short gap which will end sometime in the near future. Israel should be liquidated with the Rothschilds Banking System to give peace for the whole world..The world has never lived in tranquility since the miserable violent insult they called “French Revolution” . Obama represents violence in an era where the human being has reached high level of mind understanding. Those miserable strata from residues of the past should have been siphoned immediately after the collapse of the USSR..The establishment needs new blood from different breed of people…US can control through its cultural impact not through absolute physical violence..etc..

    John Churchilly

    March 25, 2011 at 2:37 pm

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