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America’s Rabbi wants to be ‘the values-voice in the US Congress’

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In a Jerusalem Post op-ed, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach declares his desire to seek the Republican nomination for Congress in New Jersey’s ninth district:

In foreign policy I believe in the obligation to resist evil and I intend to be a voice of firm American resolve against tyranny. President Obama has allowed America’s global leadership to seriously weaken. The war against Gaddafi was one that touched me personally. I led the campaign in Englewood to push the tyrant out of our neighborhood when he sought to live in the Libyanowned compound that is my immediate next-door neighbor and whose tax-exemption I have fought for three years.

But even when Gaddafi began slaughtering his people, it was the British and the French, rather than our president, who led the assault against the dictator and Obama has done almost nothing to stop Assad from slaughtering the citizens of Syria. Worst of all, it seems that under our president’s watch Iran will build a nuclear weapon. I will push for and support the drastic measures necessary to ensure that so dangerous and murderous a regime never acquires a doomsday device.

President Obama has, thankfully, reversed course on his unfair pressure on Israel and deserves credit for increasing military and intelligence cooperation with the Jewish state. But who is to say that this has not happened because of his shellacking in the 2010 midterm elections and that the pressure won’t resume if reelected? For this reason, and because Israel is America’s most stalwart and reliable ally – championing American-democratic ideals in the world’s most dangerous region – I intend to be Israel’s staunchest supporter in the United States Congress, should the good people of the New Jersey’s ninth district see fit to choose me as their representative.

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February 7, 2012 at 7:22 am

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